About AssessMachine

AssessMachine is inspired by the potential of skilling in the human society. With deep experiences in technology, we believe that there is still a lot of technology advancement required to realize the scale of the internet in various learning/evaluation scenarios. We intend to innovate and lead in some of the technologies and solutions that can help in this mission.

Our Vision and Mission

The first problem that AssessMachine is addressing with its innovative assessment technology is the extremely low productivity and frustrating experience of hiring for everyone involved. Companies spend a lot of time and effort in hiring as key to their success lies in getting the right people for the job. Today, the process is very cumbersome for both the candidates as well as the hiring managers which results in large delays. Candidates don't always want to put in the extra effort to travel and/or take interviews at office hours thus adding to the woes. Good hiring managers have to put up with weekends/inconvenient times on a very critical yet non-productive task like this. And at the end of this, depending on the industry, conversion ratios vary anywhere from 10% down to 1%!Leveraging the power of software to its fullest, AssessMachine brings to companies around the world an auto-proctored, advanced remote interviewing solution.
This solution not only reduces the time hiring manager need to spend on interviewing but it enables hiring managers to spend time only with the most promising candidates. Candidates now need to spend minimal effort to validate their fit for the role.